Getting Started: How To Become an Escort

Becoming an escort has turned out to be a professional job, with many people joining this adult industry. However, not everyone is suited for the job; therefore, it is essential to understand different perspectives of it before engaging in it. For you to be a qualified escort, below are some of the tips that will guide you.

Facial and Body appearance

An escort has to look very attractive and have a sexy body that every man wishes. Therefore, beauty is critical in this business. When you want to become one, you should have flawless skin, beautiful, good complexion, and a stunning body. An attractive escort will have all the anticipated qualities a client is looking for, and this is an advantage as you will look quite classy.

Appearance is one of the hacks that you can use to secure the job. Nonetheless, the image that you will portray to the client extends to the hair colour which enhances the glow on the face. In most cases, many women will go for cosmetic surgery to enhance their beauty. However, if you are naturally beautiful, it gives you an upper hand in this profession.

Personality traits

It is one of the attributes that contribute significantly to the business. The elite customers may need someone who is dignified and has certain traits that make them come out as cultured. Personality is brought out by the behaviours and how well you carry yourself at a high-end place. Therefore it is vital to have specific characteristics that will make your client come back for more and give you referrals.

You should remember that the business does not require sex only; instead, there is an emotional connection with the client; thus, the need for specific traits like empathy and compassion, which makes the client connect with you. This bond will assist you in helping the client resolve issues such as loneliness, thus achieving the goal in the business.


When you want to join the courtesan world, it is significant to have a self-assessment before enrolling because it is an all-rounded industry. Therefore, the above tips can help you circumnavigate through your decision-making process before becoming a professional escort.