How Do Independent Escorts Find Clients

Finding clients when one is an escort is extremely hard to do nowadays. People are becoming more restricted and safer when it comes to availing this sort of service. Although there are countries who choose to legalize such services, no one can ever say that majority of the nations and the world’s population would be thrilled with legalizing such services. Escorts now can be classified between those who are handled by an agency and those who are independent.

The pros of those who have agencies are that they are given clients depending on who the agency thinks would suit the wanted service. Most escorts, though, choose to become independent because of wanting the chance to be able to choose which client they would want at any time and cost.

In today’s society, independent escorts, though, are easier to locate and contact, but finding where to avail of their services is not easy to find because of the restrictions. There is seldom a direct channel that can lead one to an escort servicing ad or give hints as to what apps to use in order to find escorts. 

Some sites allow escorts to find clients without being charged and made to pay for putting up their ads, and even some allow them to set up accounts to browse potential clients. To help independent escorts find clients easily, here are tips on how to work out their presence online in order to gain more clients and also here included are some sites/channels that can help escorts find, choose, and communicate with clients faster and easier.

Being an Independent Escort

It will seldom be heard how women would actually choose to become an escort without being forced. However, some choose to become independent escorts because they are willing to. Independent escorts are those who don’t have any agencies and chooses clients according to their preferences.

According to an article, one escort said that having this kind of job makes them choose when it is time to work and when they don’t want to. In addition, being an escort, according to her, requires no wage gap, to also handle other jobs, and work independently according to the schedule they prefer.  

Unlike those who are under agencies, they can choose to advertise themselves however they like. They have the liberty to choose who they want to, which client, at their preferred schedule. Independent escorts also get to make their own set of terms and agreements suited to what they want. Any contract does not bound them. That is why they are freer to choose and be more specific about their clients.

Escorts and their Relationship with Clients

Researchers in Australia have chosen to explore the study on how sex workers are able to navigate intimacy with their clients along with the pressure of performing in their professional lives and the pleasure that comes with the intimate nature that they have with their clients.

Escorts believe that what they do, helped them master balancing emotions over sexual pleasure. As said, they get to enjoy what they do without the fear of attachment or overthrow of emotions rather than experiencing the pleasure with their clients.

Escorts, according to a study, get to understand the line between intimacy and sensuality. An interviewed escort said that her job helps her realize why she loves having sex, and it is way more than just “getting off.” An escort have said in an interview that they choose this kind of service because they can have sex without the fear of being emotionally attached to any client.

They also have the freedom to choose how much they will be paid. They say that their relationships with clients are just vague and nothing more than just sex.

Working out Online Presence as an Escort

To make sure that clients would always find escorts appealing, they have to always keep an up to date profile which lets clients see their figure, image, and facial attributes. An escort’s online presence must mostly be focused on keeping great images that would attract clients.

They must include information that can pull clients to booking them. Photos and clips must always be refreshing and inviting. Social media accounts and profiles must include what makes them better than other escorts out on the market.

Working out Online Presence as an Escort

According to an article, escorts make sure that what they post and share is always appealing (visually, physically) in order for them to be in demand and always chosen. Being an escort, as said, also takes effort to maintain a great figure and physically attractive body.

Escorts post and share great photos and inviting information to make sure that they get a lot of clients and invites. Through the use of social media, they can instantly connect with clients. That is why it is a must always to make sure that information, photos, and clips are inviting, appealing, and exciting to whoever sees it. Online presence as an escort must be maintained through the day to day updates and posts that will make clients want to be with them.

How Independent Escorts find Clients

Independent escorts advertise their services on specific site boards whenever they need or want to. They thoroughly review client information first, as well. Some independent escorts choose to see a few good circles of clients regularly since they are already sure of them.

Through specific sites, social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram, independent escorts are able to advertise their own services and also be able to fill in their own schedules without being handled by any organization or agency that will tell them what and when to do. Clients must remember that independent escorts mean that they set their rules, and they are their own boss. With this said, independent escorts are also careful and specific in choosing their clients.

What they mean by being “particular” about their clients is they don’t just choose anyone. They actually set a preference as well. Independent escorts analyze whether their clients are legit and safe before saying yes to the job. They require clients to email them first before saying yes to the job properly. Clients must be specific and prove themselves worthy of the escort’s time. Independent escorts show interest in clients who are great at selling themselves to them.

The independent escorts also determine whether a client is worth his/her time. They don’t just say yes to a client immediately. Independent escorts also want to make sure that the client is worth the attention and not just some boring individual. Clients must be backed up by personal information, which includes an ID or papers that can show them who they are and what they do for a living or their status.

Independent escorts are also screening clients. They don’t just agree to whoever messages them. There are also a set of rules and qualifications that they are looking for. Independent escorts choose clients who fit their preferences, according to what they are looking for in a client. Before anything else, independent escorts make sure that the clients are well aware of their prices and sometimes even look up their economic status or wage pay.

Apps and websites to find Clients

Switter / Mastodont

Switter is an off-shore site that allows clients to connect with an escort. This site will help clients contact and meet easily according to their schedule and references. When using this channel, clients are provided with information and photos to make them choose which is set to their preferred liking. Here, it will also be identified who are available and not at the moment. Make sure though that as a client, age should be 20 and above to access. Switter connects escorts to clients that are fit to their preference and qualifications to make sure that escorts are assured to be safe and secure according to their terms and agreements upon service.

Putting up ads to post services doesn’t require high pay; that is why it’ll be easy to access and get clients through Switter. Escorts are assured of safety by using this app. There are no top-up fees and other required sign up fees to access this site, so it will be user-friendly to those escorts who wish to post their ads. There is no worry that their privacy will be compromised because Switter makes sure that clients who use or access the site are safe, secure, and reliable. Clients and escorts will not have a hard time connecting because access is easy.

Website: Switter


This site introduces clients to an app that allows them to find sex workers. It is like a dating app, but the difference is it connect escorts to clients. This is an app that was co-founded by a German named Pia Poppenreiter. The co-founder said in an interview that she was walking at a district one night and saw girls standing out in the cold of the night waiting for clients. This was what inspired her to become a co-founder of the app. She wants to make this kind of service appear to be less shabby than what people think.

Where to Advertise as Independent escort

Possible clients will just have to identify and assure that they are of legal age (18 years and above) to sign up and access the app. Then, clients are to identify their location and specify their gender of choice. After completing providing these pieces of information, clients can now browse profiles and photos of preferred men or women that can be hired for free. Clients may browse the app for a variety of escorts to choose from with the freedom to choose who they prefer depending on the services they prefer, the qualities the client is looking for, and the body preference that they are desiring. The app offers a vast array of potential clients and escorts that can be connected anytime basing on their location. 

Website: Peppr


Unlike an agency which has a much bigger budget to build a dedicated website for all their ladies, most independent escorts have little understanding of the importance a website can be for their business.

A website can be very expensive for an independent escort and with the ongoing maintenance and site update fees, it can run into high costs, not to mention the additional costs of marketing and promotion.

This is where an adult classified site such as or Vivastreet come into importance for private escorts. 

By using an online adult classifieds website for advertising, independent escorts can effectively provide all the details for their services, prices, availability, and location without the need to have their own website and the high costs associated. 

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