Celebrities who were escorts before becoming famous

Sexual addiction or Hyper-sexual disorder has been a debatable subject and especially among celebrities. The majority of celebrities are alleged to have struggled with sexual addiction, 

Joan Collins

Joan Collins is a legend born in London. Collins started struggling early on so as to make ends meet. As a result, she did what the majority with a good-looking face and a recognized name do, becoming a high-end escort. By doing so, she was capable of forging relationships with the directors and producers all through Hollywood since she met them more intimately. Collins became very close to King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, and he used to pay very well for her intimacy services. She was also involved in assisting Heidi Fleiss to build her high-end empire of prostitution.

Sophie Anderton

Sophie Anderton has been a TV expert after her career as a model. She is a British celebrity who has tolerated a lot of problems with both drugs and alcohol. She used her celebrity to do prostitution charging rich men €15,000 for one hour in order to fuel her addictions. She used to drink a bottle of vodka during the day and cocaine at night. If the coke chanced to run out, Anderton would go to bed and sleep with many men to refill her stash. Anderton usually blame modelling since she believed it is what lead her down to this bad path.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards is celebrated as a sexual temptress who charmed the movie as well as small screens with fiery roles during the 1990s. Denise was a hot lady, and this made her rose to the class of “Bond Girl” in one among her heroic roles. Before all this, she had been working for Heidi Fleiss at her extremely secretive escort service.

Denise was a high-end escort, and that is why she was capable of taking advantage of her interactions with clients. She even ended up being in a relationship with Charlie Sheen, one of Heidi Fleiss’s top customers. However, after getting favours from her clients, she was at last able to break into Hollywood, leaving the escort business completely.