How to Behave on a First Date: Our Tips

Your first date is similar t to going for an interview. Your partner wants to check a few things in you to determine if you are a perfect match. Therefore, you must behave appropriately to give them the desired mental image that you are worthy of their time and attention. Here is a quick look at some behaviour dos and don’ts for your first date.

Do not Be Obsessed about Your Appearance

It is good to look good for your first date. However, you should not get obsessed with your looks such that they get in your way to a great time with the new partner. Wear comfortable such that you are able to walk, speak and take some food with ease in your outfit. You do not need to wear fancy makeup and hairdos. A smart, neutral, warm look carries the day.

Keep the Hands to Yourself

Do not get touchy touchy on the first date. In contrast to the general myth, touching your partner all over the place does not project an image of someone who is into him or her. Instead, it shows an opportunist ready to take advantage of the partner. Limit touching to what is natural, friendly and warm.

Ensure that the Conversation is Two-Way

Each partner to a date should have a chance to talk. Given that there are different personalities, if the partner is not able to speak up, the other might take over the conversation. This not only puts off the quiet partner but also fails to meet the goals of the date: to know each other. Therefore, give your partner a chance to talk. You may ask a few questions on the way if they have a hard time speaking up.

Curb the Excesses

There are excesses in everything that can mess things up. For example, do not drink too much in a date. Otherwise, you might lose control of your actions. Avoid excessive jokes and use of vulgarity in the conversation as it portrays someone who is uncultured. Besides, curb too much enthusiasm, shouting and rocking on your chair as it shows anxiety and lack of confidence.

Enjoy your first date!